HathME Delivery Guy Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction:

Welcome to HathME! These terms and conditions ("Terms") govern your engagement as a delivery guy for HathME. By accepting these Terms, you agree to be bound by them and any future amendments we may make.

By using the HathME Delivery Partner Platform, you agree to these Delivery Partner T&C. HathME has the right to change them anytime without notice. You should check them regularly. If you continue to use the platform after changes are made, it means you accept them. As long as you follow these T&Cs, HathME permits you to use their service on the platform, but only for yourself, and not for anyone else. You cannot share this permission with others.

2. Terminology

3. Responsibilities:

4. Work Schedule and Compensation:

5. Technology and Equipment:

6. Code of Conduct:

7. Termination:

HathME reserves the right to terminate your engagement for any violation of these Terms or other reasonable cause. Hathme will have the last word to say in case of any disputes.

8. Disclaimer:

HathME disclaims any liability for any loss or damage arising from your performance as a delivery guy, except to the extent mandated by law.

10. Dispute Resolution:

Any dispute arising out of or relating to these Terms shall be settled amicably through consultation.

11. Amendments:

HathME reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time by posting the revised version on its platform.

12. HathME Delivery Partner Responsibility

Availability and Vehicle:

  • You agree to be available for deliveries when requested through the HathME platform.
  • You may use your vehicle for deliveries, but HathME won't provide one.
  • You must maintain your vehicle in good condition to avoid delays.
  • You're responsible for all vehicle expenses (maintenance, fuel, etc.) unless otherwise agreed with HathME.
  • Licensing and Insurance:

  • You must have a valid driver's license and vehicle registration, if required by law, throughout your time as a HathME delivery partner.
  • Provide copies of your license, registration, and other relevant information to HathME before starting deliveries.
  • You must have valid and adequate insurance for your vehicle throughout your partnership. Provide a copy of the policy to HathME and pay all premiums yourself. HathME is not responsible for your insurance costs.
  • Conduct and Professionalism:

  • Act honestly and professionally while delivering, following HathME's policies and instructions (including safety and driving rules) and all applicable laws (like traffic regulations).
  • Avoid fraud or gaining any unfair advantage during deliveries. HathME can take action against you, including suspending your access to the platform or deducting fraudulent gains from your payouts, if they believe you've violated these terms.
  • Order Handling:

  • Never tamper with, damage, or open food or beverage orders. HathME can recover any losses caused by your actions from your delivery payments.
  • If instructed by HathME, use your own cash to pay restaurants for cash-on-delivery orders. Collect the original receipt and receive payment from the user upon delivery.
  • Deposit all user payments collected on behalf of HathME, following their instructions for frequency and method.
  • Welcome Kit:

  • Keep the welcome kit (provided by HathME) in good condition and return it upon termination or the end of our partnership.
  • HathME can deduct the kit's value from your security deposit or payments if it's not returned in acceptable condition.
  • Delivery Performance:

  • You must personally fulfill deliveries and cannot delegate them to anyone else.
  • Use the welcome kit responsibly and avoid damaging its contents.
  • Upon accepting a delivery request, act ethically and professionally, ensuring timely pickups and deliveries.
  • Inform the restaurant and the user of any delays due to traffic and follow their instructions.
  • .

    Protecting HathME's Reputation:

  • You acknowledge that your delivery performance impacts HathME's reputation.
  • You agree to avoid any actions that could harm HathME, comply with all applicable laws, and protect your brand image, business reputation, and assets.
  • Additional Restrictions:

  • While logged into the HathME platform, refrain from any illegal activity or actions violating applicable laws.
  • Keep all confidential information obtained during your service confidential and use it only for authorized delivery purposes.
  • You are not eligible for reimbursement of any hospitalization or medical bills incurred by you or your family members during your partnership with HathME.
  • Delivery Partner Information

    HathME will collect some information about you to verify your identity when you sign up to be a delivery partner and throughout your time with them. This information may include your ID, vehicle details, and even your location. They'll use this information for various business purposes, like background checks, marketing, and improving their services. By signing up, you agree to them collecting and using your information.

    HathME may also share your information with a third party, government agency, or court if there's a complaint, dispute, or accident involving you, a customer, or another third party. They'll only do this if the law allows them to.

    13. Entire Agreement:

    These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and HathME regarding your engagement as a delivery guy and supersede all prior or contemporaneous communications.

    By accepting these Terms, you acknowledge that you have read and understood them.

    14. Tax Obligations

    HathME may withhold taxes from the money they pay you, including delivery charges they collect from restaurants and users on your behalf. This applies if required by the Income Tax Act, of 1961, or other relevant laws.

    If HathME needs to deduct taxes: They'll take out the tax amount and provide you with proof that they paid it to the Indian tax authorities, following the Income Tax Act. HathME can also withhold payments to follow the law: If any applicable laws require HathME to withhold any payment from what they owe you, they can do so and handle it as the law requires.

    Tax Invoices:

    HathME will issue you a tax invoice following the Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 (and any amendments) for any charges they apply to you, including platform charges. These platform charges will already include any applicable taxes.