FAQs for Merchant

1. I want to do business through HathMe. What is the process?

If you want to register your restaurant or business with us, you only need to download our HathMe Merchant App from the Google Play Store. You can then simply follow the steps for registration. If you need any further assistance, kindly contact our customer service executive at business@hathme.com

2. I don’t have a GST or business license, can I still register on Hathme?

Yes, you can still join with us for business. The commission percentage will, however, be different in case you don’t hold any license like GST, Fssai, etc. To know more details kindly visit the Play Store and download the Hathme Merchant application.

3. What are the requirements for restaurants to sign up with HathMe?

Restaurants must meet certain pointers and certain criteria such as valid licenses, hygiene standards, and operational strength. Our team will provide you with detailed information during the onboarding process.

4. How does the order processing system work on HathMe for restaurants?

When a customer orders through HathMe, it's transmitted to your restaurant's dashboard. You can then accept, prepare, and fulfil the order within the specified timeframe. Note: You have to allow 60 seconds time after the order is confirmed, in case the customer decides to cancel the order.

5. What type of support and assistance does HathMe offer to partner restaurants?

HathMe provides dedicated support to partner restaurants, including technical assistance, marketing support, and training on using our platform effectively.

6. How are payments handled for orders placed through HathMe?

Payments for orders placed through HathMe are processed securely via our platform. You'll receive payouts according to the agreed-upon terms and schedule. For more details kindly go through the Terms and Conditions provided in our Hathme Merchant app.

7. Is there a rating and feedback system for restaurants on HathMe?

Yes, customers on HathMe can score and comment on their food experience. This contributes to upholding quality standards and offers insightful information for advancement.

8. What measures does HathMe take to ensure food quality and customer satisfaction?

HathMe keeps a close eye on partner restaurants' performance and customer input to guarantee excellent service and pleasure. If necessary, we might carry out quality inspections and offer suggestions for enhancements.

9. Are there any promotional opportunities for partner restaurants within the HathMe app?

Indeed, we provide possibilities to assist increase visibility and draw more customers to your restaurant, including highlighted listings, discounts, and special deals.

10. How does HathMe handle customer/merchant inquiries or complaints related to orders placed at my restaurant?

HathMe has a dedicated customer support team to handle inquiries and complaints promptly and professionally. We strive to resolve any issues satisfactorily to ensure a positive experience for both customers and restaurants.