Terms and Conditions

By registering your restaurant to use our e-commerce food platform ("Platform") you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions ("Terms"). These Terms form the legal agreement between your restaurant and HathMe governing your participation in and use of our services.

2. Registration

3. Details of Menu

4. Orders and Accomplishments

5. Pricing and Payments

6. Quality Assurance

7. Abide by Laws and Rules

8. Intellectual Property

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms or your participation on the Platform, please contact us at [Contact Email/Phone Number].

HathMe offers two tiers of commission charges for its merchants based on their licensing status:

9. License Policy

Licensed Merchants: Merchants who successfully upload the required licenses are eligible for a reduced commission rate of 20% on their sales.

Unlicensed Merchants: Merchants who fail to upload the necessary licenses or do not possess the required licenses are subject to a standard commission rate of 35% on their sales.

Merchants are responsible for ensuring their compliance with licensing requirements to benefit from the lower commission rate. HathMe reserves the right to verify license information and may adjust the commission rate accordingly based on the merchant's compliance status.

10. Offer Policy

Any merchant availing offers for customers on the food items offered by them will finally be live on the app only after approval by the admin panel.

Merchants are allowed to run one offer either flat off on food items or a percentage. They can select a particular food dish or cuisine on which they are willing to run any offer.

11. KYC Policy

Merchants will be required to complete the KYC process. It is mandatory to run their business on the HathME application. Merchants will only be allowed to collect the amount after KYC completion. Merchants will be able to collect the amount on every fourth day. For example: On Thursday, the Merchant will be able to collect the whole amount till the last Sunday.

12. Payment History

Merchants will receive a receipt of order details and payment through Hathme applications. The receipt will include the date, amount, UTR number, and order range.

13. Report Policy

Merchants can reach out to the admin panel of Hathme in two conditions which are: